We as People are Starving for Empathy

woman comforting friend showing empathy

We as people are starved, depraved of empathy these days.

There is a desperate need for connection in this world. In order for us to gain this connection, we need casual conversations and deep conversations. It is a desert out there. Honestly, the loneliness epidemic has now become a loneliness pandemic that is rivaling Covid. Unfortunately, the loneliness pandemic is leading to drug use and abuse, alcoholism, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

I know—it is hard out there for…

a pimp.

a ho.

hustlers and entrepreneurs.

moms, dads, and children.

men and women.

girls and boys.

the rich and the poor.

young people and old people.

the white people, the black people, the brown people, and all of the other people in between.

We need physical touch more than ever. Sadly, the lack of physical contact has left us emotionally destitute—having been robbed of the human aspect. Moreover, we have been deprived of love, compassion, and empathy. We are starving and we are desolate.

There is a desperate need for real, deep, meaningful conversations in our lives.

Unfortunately, the kinds of interactions we have been having are just not cutting it. More than ever, we need to be connecting with real people in person. We need to stop using social media as a tool to feel connection.

It is imperative that we begin to reach out to real people. We need love, affection, community, empathy, and understanding. In order to meet those needs, we need to reach out to our real friends, family, and acquaintances. Further, we need to reach out to the estranged or distant friends and relatives. It’s time that we let bygones be bygones, put our egos aside, and just start the conversation anew. Additionally, we need to start forming real connections with the people around us…our friends, family, neighbors, soccer moms, grocery clerks, and even Lyft drivers.

Let’s get past the superficial niceties, the mundane chit-chat, and start talking about what is real.

We can start by opening up our next conversation with more than just a

“How are you doing?”

“Just plugging along”

“Yep, us too.”

And instead say, in response:

“No, how are you really doing? How have you been holding up? I know this past year has been rough, I’ve been having (    fill in the blank    ) challenges. I haven’t been sleeping well. Have you been able to sleep? What’s got you up at night?”

Let’s start showing some real empathy and establishing real connection. We need and deserve true empathy and deep connections in our lives. It just takes a few minutes to start the conversation.

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