Mommin’ Like a Savage

Mommin' Like a Savage

What is Mommin’ Like a Savage?

If you’re a boss mom who is unapologetic about her parenting decisions, then you are Mommin’ Like a Savage. You follow your instincts, speak your mind, demand respect, and do not need anybody else’s validation. You may be bougie, classy, ratchet, or sassy, but you’re always authentically you.

About our Community

The birthplace of the Mommin’ Like a Savage community was on Clubhouse in May of 2021. Since its inception, it has grown into a community of over 2K women on Clubhouse and Facebook. Even though our community is growing, it is such a tight-knight, warm, and welcoming community. I started this club out of a personal need to have better connections with other moms. Instead of having superficial conversations about hot yoga or intermittent fasting, I wanted to have real conversations with other like-minded women about the kinds of things that would keep me up at night.

Through every stage of development that our children go through, we have our doubts, insecurities, and our worries. When our kids are babies, we worry about their diet, their sleep, and their developmental progress. Then the next stage comes, and we worry about how they’re doing academically. We wonder, “Are they being challenged enough?” “Are they falling behind?” We worry about their socialization and emotional development. With every new age comes a new stage of development and a new set of challenges. But unfortunately, there’s no perfect manual out there on parenting. Reading all the parenting books will just leave you more confused. But, who is a better resource for parenting questions than other, more seasoned moms? Other moms are the best resource we have to answer our most challenging parenting questions. Getting divergent opinions from an open and honest community is the key, and that is why this community has positively affected and served so many moms.

If you are not already a part of this growing community, I highly suggest that you join. You can find us on Clubhouse and Facebook under the name ‘Mommin’ Like a Savage.’

Past Conversations

We host regular rooms on the Clubhouse platform every Tuesday and Thursday around 11am EST. Please join in on the conversation. If you are not available to listen in on the day of the conversation, the conversations are now being recorded to be accessible to members of this community. Every week, I will update this page with the past week’s conversations. Listen to our most recent rooms below:

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